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A bris should take place on the 8th day of life. If born before sundown, that is considered day 1. If born after sundown, then the next day is considered day 1.  So a child born on Tuesday during the day has his bris on the following Tuesday. A child born Tuesday night has his bris the following Wednesday. The bris is always done during daylight.

There are a few people given honors and we can go over the details when we speak. But the people typically given honors are the Godparents (Kvatterin and Kvatter) whose job it is to bring the child into the room, the Sandek on whose lap the bris is performed, and a few optional participants (candle-lighter, the person saying the blessing over wine, and the person saying the blessing over the meal).

Frequently asked Questions
What technique do you use?
I use the Gomco clamp.

Do you use anesthesia?
Of course. In addition to a sweet orally taken liquid, I perform a local anesthetic that numbs the penis. Children often sleep through the procedure.

Do you do the naming too?
In addition to performing the berit mila, I am happy to perform a naming ceremony. You should prepare some words to share about how you decided on a name for your son as well. If you have a rabbi with whom you would like me to coordinate, I can do that as well. Please provide his/her name when we speak.

What do you need to know about our son?
Your son must be healthy. If there are any questions about the health of the child or any anomalies with his penis, please call me or have your pediatrician contact me to discuss.

Are there any other requirements?
Your son must weigh at least 5lbs, he cannot have eaten within an hour of the bris, and he must have received his vitamin K injection as a newborn to help him clot and reduce the chance of bleeding.
A celebratory meal is customary but challah and wine are minimum traditional requirements.

Can a bris take place on Shabbat?
Yes. Please contact me with questions on this.

Will you perform a bris on a child when one of the parents is not Jewish?
Yes. Please contact me to discuss.

What supplies will I need to care for my son during and after the ceremony?
    A pacifier (for use during the procedure)
    A thin receiving blanket
    Sweet wine or grape juice
    Cotton Balls
    Hydrogen Peroxide
    Petroleum jelly (preferably in a squeeze tube)

Please contact me with any other questions about planning your son’s bris via
email here or call 661-259-8999